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Mutambara now a spectator

11 years ago | 9887 Views
By Daniel Chigundu

FORMER MDC-N leader professor Arthur Mutambara is now as good as a spectator in government activities after losing control of his party to Welshman Ncube last year.
The robotics professors has lost relevance in government and is living on borrowed time pending an appeal he made to the High Court judgement that dethroned him.
At the launch of the Industrial Development Policy and the National Trade Policy Mutambara could only smile and clap hands while Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai and President Robert Mugabe took to the podium addressing the diversified delegates to the colourful event.
To make matters worse the professor was not even on the program and he was not even given the opportunity to give even the vote of thanks of all the things.  
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Anonymous user 11 years
Poor professor...he should go back to academia
Anonymous user 11 years
kanti yena waye vele esenzani laye? Lokhu okungabantu izikhundla kuyazithanda ha! Manje kuyini esephongu turazela nje! Asazi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous user 11 years
yipolitics ke leyo ndoda kunzima
Anonymous user 11 years
hard time chana try something before its late
Anonymous user 11 years
He should go back to his robotics profession.Politics is not for him.
Anonymous user 11 years
But the good old man will keep him in the government till kingdom come! The boy is useful to the devious oldie for the shaming of the likes of Welshman Ncube and Morgan Tsvangirai. The golden oldie does not perform his own dirty tricks, as we all know so well - and Mutambara is a good pawn to abuse in order to get the MDCs blown off to hell. The goldie will remain strangle-holding the entire political enterprise until Mthwakazi finds her freedom! Poor Zimbabweans! It is good Mthwakazians have spat out this goldie and all the political nonsense that he spews out each time he opens his dirty mouth! Long live Mthwakazi!
Anonymous user 10 years
Poor professor
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